"You Don't Know Jack" - Competition

"Jack" the latest horse to join the Hearts Racing team is trained at Ballarat by Matt Cumani. He is the centrepiece of an innovative online competition designed to encourage people to get involved in racing.

By answering questions about Jack and encouraging their friends to enter the competition, contestants can increase their chances of getting an invitation to attend the opening of Matt Cumani's new purpose built stables on course on Ballarat Cup Day - November 19th.

And those lucky enough to get an invitation will get to see Jack personally as well as meeting Matt Cumani at what promises to be a Spring Carnival "must go" function. A further incentive to attend will be the chance to win a 5% share in Jack and the first year's training fees prepaid - a prize worth $5,000.

Matt CumaniMatt Cumani

Matt, whose father is leading English trainer Luca Cumani and the elder brother of racing expert Francesca has set up stables at Ballarat and is keen to attract a new younger audience to racing. The Hearts Racing concept appeals to him because people can get involved inexpensively.

Jack - to be trained at Ballarat by Matt CumaniJack - to be trained at Ballarat by Matt Cumani